Transformoney 2.0 Exhibition

Now that governments fight the international monetary crisis by forcefully cutting subsidies and other money influxes into the arts, and banks are financed by governments in order to stay afloat, Dutch artist Dadara has found a way to merge art and money. In 2011 he launched his Exchanghibition Bank project in which the value of art and money are questioned:
Are the Exchanghibition bills art, or is it money?

The Exchanghibition Bank has already found its way to several locations in Amsterdam such as Paradiso, Central Station, Magna Plaza and the Occupy Amsterdam location, as well as making its mark internationally on the Envision Festival in Costa Rica and Burning Man, Nevada.

And now, the Exchanghibition Bank will return to Famous at the grand opening of the Transformoney 2.0 exhibition on June 23rd from 4 -7pm, giving you the opportunity to acquire the brand new 011000010111001001110100 and 2.0 banknotes, which will be issued during the opening. You’re also invited to contribute to the exhibition by bringing your own banknote designs to the exhibition opening: the best design will win a limited edition Dadara banknote print! Come early so you won’t miss the opening-performance!

The exhibition will continue until August 4th and showcase banknote- and moneypaintings, as well as drawings from the Art As Money and Exchanghibition Bank projects and the Transformoney Tree model, which will eventually grow and find its way to the Nevada desert as a larger than life tree and a special coin.

For security reasons we won’t be able to admit anybody who doesn’t have an invitation, so please contact us if you want to partake.
Should you have any questions, or do you want to be present during the exhibition opening, then please contact us via [email protected]