Keith Haring Google Doodle

Today, on May 4th, on what would’ve been Keith Haring’s 54th birthday, Google dedicates its Google Doodle to the prolific artist. Haring, who died in 1990 at the young age of 31 from complications caused by AIDS, created art that has become iconic, and shaped the look of the 1980’s. He first became known for his chalk drawings in the New York subways, influenced by other graffiti artists of the time. Soon, however, his work caught the eye of the New York art scene, and he found his work displayed in galleries and museums all over the world. Haring’s influence is also marked by his friendships with famous figures such as Jean-Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol and Madonna. After his death Madonna dedicated the first show of her Blond Ambition Tour to Haring and donated all proceeds of the show to AIDS charities.

Google often highlights famous people or important events through their Google Doodles, often animated, and always captivating, the Google Doodles share information in a fun and sometimes even beautiful way. So before you do your Google search, make sure you catch a glimpse of that day’s Google Doodle.

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