Destroyed by Moby photographs

From May 31st to June 16th, 2011, Famous organized a collaborative exhibition with Reflex Amsterdam of the Destroyed photographs by artist and musician Moby. The photographs included in the exhibition were taken over a period of years by Moby, while he was touring the world, and were accompanied by his latest album, titled Destroyed. In his own words: “The pictures were taken on tour while I was writing the album. I wanted to show a different side of touring and travelling. A side that is often mundane, disconcerting, and occasionally beautiful.

The photographs show a unique view of the world, through the artist’s eyes. From deserted cities and empty corridors to stadiums full of cheering and wildly dancing crowds. The photographs are in turns stark, poignant, amusing, beautiful and surreal. The photographs, especially in combination with the album, seem to convey everything about the psychological dislocation, and the surrealism contained within the life of an international touring musician.

During the exhibition opening Moby gave an intimate acoustic concert where he played both new songs from the Destroyed album, and famous hits to a small crowd of people. He also signed several copies of the book that was published of his photographs (which includes the album), which can be purchased through Famous Auction House.
And of course you can also purchase the beautiful original photographs.
The photographs are available in different sizes, and some of them will be placed on Famous Auction House in a special Moby auction.
For more information, please contact [email protected]