Football mania

Ah, football…
Now that Euro 2012 is in full swing, and the Dutch team is set to play their second match in the tournament (against Germany) tonight, Famous Auction House couldn’t stay behind in all the football cheer.
How could we, when the tension is palpable in the air?

And so we decided to create a special auction dedicated to the art of football, or football art. Inspired by the up and coming match, as well as Erwin Olaf’s 2008 New Warriors series, for which he photographed Dutch football players. In it he depicts the team as warriors or gladiators, ready for battle.
And battle the team shall this evening; Famous Auction House wishes them loads of luck!

But in the meantime: check out our fabulous football auction, here you will find awesome items like beautiful footballs designed by Takashi Murakami or Ryan McGinness that were produced by Molten USA, the same company that makes the official footballs for many major league teams.
Or maybe you’d be more interested in a signed shirt from the 1992 Dutch football team? We have one signed by Michael Jackson, as well as one signed by the whole Dutch football team!
You could also go for a football legend and buy yourself a football signed by Pele.
What are you waiting for, start bidding!


Photograph, New Warriors: John Heitinga © Courtesy Studio Erwin Olaf