Gloria Mundi by Marcus Harvey

In Marcus Harvey’s work nothing is what it seems at first sight.
Harvey plays with the viewer’s perception in such a delicate manner that if you don’t pay attention you might think you saw something that really isn’t.
In his recent Glass Paintings exhibition at Reflex Amsterdam, Harvey showcased a series of paintings that cast the viewer into the role of Peeping Tom, looking through what seemed to be the distorted glass of a glass door to the world beyond. The glass doors, however, consisted of meticulously crafted, almost photorealistic paintings.
His work is humorous, mysterious and always intriguing.

At Famous Auction House you can now purchase a beautiful bronze edition by Marcus Harvey; Gloria Mundi Maquette.
This piece mimics an old deflated leather ball that lies on its side, a melancholy ghost of games played in the past.
Reflex also published a book to coincide with the exhibition, which can be purchased through Famous Auction House.
For more information about Gloria Mundi or other Marcus Harvey pieces please contact us via [email protected]


Photograph: Gloria Mundi, Bronze 104 x 113 x 74,5 cm © Courtesy of Reflex Amsterdam