Yamamoto out of the box

Avant-garde fashion giant Yohji Yamamoto has been creating imaginative silhouettes, by using ruffles and theatrical draping to distort the figure of the wearer, for over 40 years. Yamamoto sees fabric as a means to create dramatic sculptures, in which he likes to include a myriad of shapes and textures. As a designer he clearly enjoys taking risks and thinking outside of the box.

From July 5th to October 20th Yamamoto exhibits a selection of 80 of his pieces in site-specific installations created by Yamamoto in collaboration with Masao Nihei and museum curator Galit Gaon, at the, Israel. Through the installations they seek to create a dialogue between the museum and Yamamoto’s garments. The feel of part of the exhibit is that of a busy cityscape with an urban soundtrack and 38 moving figures, the other is more meditative. Most of the items exhibited are black with here and there a burst of colour, they span a time-period from the 1970’s to the present day.

Just as creative and out of the box, is Inochi Yamamoto. A figure created by Takashi Murakami. You can purchase Yamamoto and other Inochi figures via Famous Auction House. So if you’re feeling adventurous head over to Famous Auction House and start bidding!