Chameleonic Batman

On the dawn of Christopher Nolan’s 3rd (and last) Batman movie, the character is as popular as ever. Born in 1939 Batman has gone through various incarnations over the years, most notably the recreations of the comics on the silver screen.  As varied as the drawing styles of the different artists that gave shape to the character, the celluloid Batman is open to interpretation. The late 1960’s brought us a highly camp Caped Crusader, who fought villains in colourful cardboard decors, with an equally verbally colourful sidekick Robin. 1989 marked the release of Batman, the first of two Batman feature films by Tim Burton. The film, and its sequel showed the character in a slightly darker light, whereas the following two Batman movies by Joel Schumacher found their inspiration in the campy 1960’s style. Dark Knight Rises and the two previous films by Nolan reconnect with Batman’s darker side and the character’s inner turmoil, and in a sense with his soul.

Equally as malleable are the villains that defy the Dark Knight. In the 1960’s Batman’s nemesis The Joker was fluttery and quirky, laughing maniacally whenever he managed to fool Batman yet again. Jack Nicholson’s interpretation in Burton’s 1989 Batman, made the character darker and edgier, and surpassed the one-dimensional comic book villain from the 1960’s . His Joker was layered and went through his own struggles. Many argue Nicholson’s Joker was the most accurate personification of the character to date.

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