Campbell’s goes Andy Warhol

Back in 1962 nobody could’ve guessed the impact a series of paintings and silk-screens of soup cans would have on the world, and in particular on the international art scene. Emerging artist, Andy Warhol, had hoped to make an impact by creating something that differed from the works by Pop Art colleagues such as Roy Lichtenstein and James Rosenquist, something that would be personal in essence. Muriel Latow, owner of the Latow Art Gallery in Manhattan, told him to paint something that everybody would instantly recognise. He then decided on the cans of Campbell’s soup because he enjoyed eating the soup (he did so daily, as part of his lunch routine, for many years), but also because his mother used to create tin flowers out of cans which she would sell in order to support Warhol in his early days as an artist. The result would be 32 Soup Cans, an iconic work that’s instantly recognisable.

To say Campbell’s was shocked to see the artworks based on their soup cans would be an understatement. They considered taking legal action after seeing the work, as they feared it would damage their image. But they soon realized that the paintings were becoming a phenomenon, and in 1964 they decided to embrace the depictions. Campbell’s marketing manager even sent Warhol a letter expressing admiration for his work, and the firm commissioned Warhol to create a painting of a can of Campbell’s soup as a gift for their retiring chairman, later that year. In 1985 the company commissioned Warhol to paint the packages of their new dry soup mixes for advertisements. Currently the company has one of Warhol’s soup can paintings on the wall of the boardroom of their headquarters, which they purchased in 1993.

For the past 50 years Warhol and Campbell’s have become synonymous.
Which is why, Campbell’s has now released a limited edition of special Andy Warhol tomato soup cans, with labels derived from Andy Warho’s artworks, which include framed Warhol quotes such as “In the future, everybody will be world-famous for 15 minutes.” The soup cans can be purchased at Target for 75cents each. However, if you can’t make it to the USA to get one of these coveted cans: check out Famous Auction House, as we sell several items with the infamous Warhol Campbell’s  soup designs, such as tiles and plates, and other Warhol items.