TanTan BO

This Tan Tan Bo print by Murakami forms a beautiful example of his own invented style called Poku, a form of art that lies between Pop Art and Otaku. Growing up Murakami was a member of the Otaku geek subculture in Japan, which centers around Anime (cartoons`) and Manga(comic books) that often focus on the explosion of the atomic bomb and life in post war Japan. Sometimes they serve as an outlet for repressed sexual fantasies.

The Otaku relation to Murakami’s art is to be seen in this Tan Tan Bo print together with an element called kawaii, or cuteness. The Anime features in this colourful cheery but bloodthirsty caricature are clearly visible. The outlines recall Mickey Mouse, the figure itself refers to isolation and hyper-colour joy.

The brilliance of the Tan Tan Bo rocketed Murakami into the mainstream. This is your chance to acquire this beautiful Tan Tan Bo print at Famous Auction House.