Famous congratulates the Rijksmuseum

Last Saturday, Famous attended the official opening of the Rijksmuseum. It was a moment all art lovers have been waiting for for 10 years. And as we expected, it was absolutely worth the wait. It was everything we expected, and more. The original decorations and ornaments are so beautifully restored and the interior design looks beautiful, but effortless. The 21st Century department, where Famous was the most looking forward to, was absolutely amazing, with the Yves Saint Laurent Mondrian-inspired dress, the Rietveld chair, Man Ray photographs, lots of Karel Appel’s and many more masterpieces. Also, the Hall of Fame has been restored beautifully and The Night Watch by Rembrandt has returned to its original place. If you haven’t got the chance to visit the Rijksmuseum yet, you’ve got something to look forward to!
Famous congratulates the Rijksmuseum with their grand opening!