Jan Jaap van der Wal about Hisaji Hara

Jan Jaap van der Wal (1979) is a Dutch stand-up comedian and television presenter. In an interview for Dutch newspaper the Volkskrant, he explains his love for art and how art inspires him.

Van der Wal is a great lover of photography. He has a small photography collection at home, including works by Christophe Jacrot, Roger Ballen and Elliott Erwitt. He explains, “Jacrot only photographs when it’s snowing or raining. Ballen is an American living in South Africa, and has made lots of gloomy, poetic photographs there of the poorest white population. I’ve got a photograph by Erwitt of a couple dancing in the kitchen.”

Jan Jaap van der Wal went to see the exposition A Photographic Portrayal of the Paintings of Bachus by Hisaji Hara at Galerie Alex Daniels – Reflex Amsterdam. “His work is very sexy and exciting, even the still-lives. Balthus was a French painter who painted erotic portraits in the thirties and forties, and Hara took these paintings as an inspiration. He did the same, only with Japanese models.”
One of his favorite works by Hara is the one “with the woman in the twilight, with her legs apart”. That photograph made quite the impression on Jaap.