Takashi Murakami – The Japanese Andy Warhol

Takashi Murakami (1962) is a Japanese painter and sculptor. He currently lives and works in Tokyo and New York. Takashi studied Nihonga (traditional Japanese painting) at the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts. At first he explored Otaku (Japanese term for an obsession with anime and cartoon), and gained recognition as a sculptor in the 1990’s. In his work, he explores the contradictions between contemporary Japanese society and American culture. He says, “I really love American culture. That’s why I come here – I’m always looking for ways to connect myself with American people and that American feeling.”

Murakami is also a critical observer of Japanese art and a curator. He founded the Superflat movement in 2000. This post-modern movement draws inspiration from Manga (Japanese comics), traditional Japanese prints and screen paintings and graphic design.

Murakami has increasingly blurred the lines between fine art and popular culture throughout his career, in different ways. He brands his artwork and turns it into merchandise, particularly with his celebrated character Mr. Dob. In 1996, he created the Hiropon Factory in Japan, which later developed into Kaikai Kiki Co, a large art making and artist management cooperation.
Murakami is often called the “Japanese Andy Warhol”. He encourages this statement and he has made several pieces that are direct homage’s to Andy Warhol himself. Nevertheless, he says: “I’m very sad to be compared with Warhol and the Factory. Because I have no drugs, you know. We have no drug culture in Japan! Maybe it’s because our attitude towards labor is totally different.”

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