John Copeland exhibition “All we ever wanted was everything” at Galerie Alex Daniels – Reflex Amsterdam

John Copeland creates paintings and drawings, mainly in acrylics and oils, that are about “the moments that don’t really translate into words”, as he puts it. Copeland explores strain and tension in his work, and the paintings vibrate between abstraction and figuration. His brushwork is fluid and energetic; dripping paint, thick strokes and overlapping layers. His style of painting draws from neo-expressionism and abstract expressionism. His canvases are a bit unexplainable and chaotic. His work is often sensual, sexual and sometimes even a bit violent. About dealing with uncomfortable situations in life, he says: “I’m not sure if I’m any better at it than anyone else is. But tension in a moment between people doesn’t necessarily always mean discomfort.”

Copeland has taken part in exhibitions all over the world. Now, it is time for a second solo exhibition at Galerie Alex Daniels – Reflex Amsterdam, “All we ever wanted was everything”; a selection of his new paintings and works on paper. The opening of the exhibition is Saturday May 25th from 5-7 pm. The artist will be present. You are all cordially invited! Signed books by Copeland will be available!