Natsumi Hayashi’s Levitation Self-Portraits


Natsumi Hayashi is a Japanese photographer. She lives in Tokyo with to cats. She mainly photographs levitating self-portraits. She keeps a “yowayowa camera woman diary”. Yowayowa is a Japanese term, meaning “weak” or “feeble”. She says, “Since I’m yowayowa, it’s really heavy to carry SLR cameras around”.

She makes self-portraits in which she is jumping. But it seems like she is floating through the air. She is catching the transient moment of jumping. Initially, she takes the pictures herself by the 10-second timer of the camera. When she’s far away in the picture, artist Hisaji Hara (and Natsumi’s husband) presses the shutter release for her. He is basically her photographer now. He says, “It was not until I took levitation pictures for her that I came to realize how important the timing was. The training pays off. I gradually learn how to seize the right timing. Recently she would only have to jump dozens of times for me to find the most ideal shot. She is just coming up with all kinds of ideas all the time; it definitely is not an easy task to take on ideal picture. We have selected a few 3D levitation pictures from the series in this collection. Please take a look!”

Natsumi’s levitation photographs are magical, original and almost surreal. She just published her own book of levitating self-portraits and she has her own online diary of her levitating selfportraits: Check it out!