First ten Miles Aldridge Polaroids have arrived!

The first ten Polaroids for the book “I Only Want You To Love Me” by Miles Aldridge, published by Rizzoli, have arrived!

All the Polaroids are different and unique. The Polaroids and the book come in a cardboard box and a plastic box. One of the first Polaroids, number 10 of an edition of 200, is now on auction at Bidding starts at €350,-.

The prices of the other first nine Polaroids are €395- excluding 21% VAT. If you are interested, you can send an e-mail to [email protected] to make an appointment or you can step by the gallery at Weteringschans 83, across the street from the Rijksmuseum, to take a close look at the Polaroids.

Start bidding now on your own unique Miles Aldridge colour Polaroid! A must-have for every art lover!