Chinese artist Ai Weiwei releases heavy metal single

Ai Weiwei has always been a versatile artist. But to release a heavy metal music video? I don’t think that anyone expected this from the 55-year old Chinese man. According to Mr. Weiwei himself, the heavy metal single “Dumbass” is a way of coping with the trauma he experienced while held in detention for 81-days by state in 2011. He sees this track as a kind of self-therapy. He said it was very hard to go back to that situation, but that he had to do it to overcome the trauma. In an interview for The Guardian, he says that the country he lives in is one of inhuman conditions. The video shows a recreation of the cell where he was held for all those awful days and nights. He has even begun to work on his second album, which will be more romantic. As he says, “They are love songs – to people who need love or need to be believed and to children, to Tibet, to this land. Many people need love”.
The single “Dumbass” is not really Famous’ style, but however, we appreciate the effort by Mr. Weiwei to spread the message!