“Beer Can Penis” by Sarah Lucas

Sarah Lucas is considered of the most important contemporary artists of our time, and she is one of the most favourite artists of Famous Auction House. She is an English artist and works and lives in London. As part of the Young British Artists, she was included in the 1988 group exhibition Freeze, together with fellow artists Damien Hirst, Gary Hume and Angus Fairhurst. She uses photography, collage and found objects. Starting from the early nineties, she began using furniture as a substitute for the human body, often in combination with other everyday materials such as freshly made fried eggs, melons, oranges and a cucumber (that suggested female and male body parts). Common themes in her work are humour, sexual metaphors, gender, English life, and death. Her work often challenges the way women are portrayed. She has also made a lot of self-portraits, on which she was often portrayed smoking.

Her work is often found very provocative, controversial and even a bit shocking at times, but Famous appreciates her statements about life and gender very much. Aida Edemariam said, in an article for The Guardian in 2011, “Lucas was the wildest of the Young British Artist, partying hard and making art that was provocative and at times genuinely shocking.”

Famous has a work by Sarah Lucas on auction, “Beer Can Penis”. This is a sculpture of two dimpled, pressed together beer cans. This sculpture suggests the male genitals, as the title indicates. She has made several “Been Can Penises”, but since they are all hand-made, they are all unique and different. This sculpture is made in 2001 and signed by Sarah Lucas. “Beer Can Penis” comes in a Plexiglas box and is now on auction at Famous Auction House.