James Turrell at Louis Vuitton in Las Vegas!

When I first saw that James Turrell was exhibiting in Las Vegas, I was thinking: “Why Vegas?” I thought Vegas would be a way too commercial place for Turrell’s works, which are very pure and uplifting (in my opinion). But after I saw the pictures and read more about the installations, it actually made sense. Las Vegas is a bright city full of (LED)light, and of course, light is Turrells main medium. The installation is located at the Louis Vuitton Maison City Center in Las Vegas and somehow, it fits in there. It consists of a black stairs that leads to a round gap filled with purple light. As Turrell said, “I like the quality of being enveloped in light so that you can feel it to be physically there, which it is, a light you can breathe in, not an illusion,” he tells Christine Y. Kim in the catalogue for his Los Angeles County Museum of Art retrospective. Famous loves it!