Jay-Z is going arty for music video “Picasso Baby”!

Rap king Jay-Z is more versatile than most people know. Something that not everyone knows about Jay-Z is that he is a great art lover and collector. He refers to some great masters in his lyrics, like Picasso and Basquiat. Yesterday, he filmed his latest music video “Picasso Baby” at Chelsea’s Pace Gallery. Some of the biggest names in the contemporary art scene participated in the video, like PS1 Founder Alanna Heiss, artist Mickalene Thomas and artist Sanford Biggers. Artist Dustin Yellin breakdanced and performance artist Ryan McNamara pulled people from the audience. He says, “It’s not like I planned it, I heard about this today and that Jay-Z was involved”.

The most amazing aspect of this whole thing was, in our opinion, the involvement of one of the most important and famous performance artists of all time: Marina Abramovic. Last year, we had the pleasure to go to one of her lectures in New York, and we have to say; that woman is truly intriguing and inspiring. She has a certain unexplainable strength over her, and at the same time a certain vulnerability. She stared him down for full four minutes and six seconds (the whole track). They got really close and when the track came to an end, they kissed and hugged eachother.

There has been quite a lot of critique on this whole event by different media. Personally, we feel like it is a fresh and inspiring way of combining music and art, and a new and fun way to approach a totally different audience.