Pink bathtub for breast cancer research

The already noticeable building of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam became even more eye-catching this week when it turned a different colour for a good cause. The building, which is often referred to as the bathtub for its shape, was temporarily made pink by illumination on Monday night. This girly move was made especially for women with breast cancer, who are represented by the colour pink. This way the museum raised more awareness for the disease. Also, the not so little amount of eighty thousand euros was announced, which will go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The money was mostly raised by employees of Estée Lauder Benelux, who, among other things, helped raise the money by selling homemade cupcakes.

Not only do we like it when organizations use their powers to help people in need, we think it’s even cooler that they use our favourite colour: hot pink. The Stedelijk is not the only one in the arts that puts this blushing colour in the center of attention. We would like to shine our light on the following pieces of art that were inspired by the colour pink, from artists like Rothko, Andy Warhol, Harland Miller, James Turrell, David LaChapelle and of course our good old Takashi Murakami.