Miles Aldridge’s merry-go-round

It’s actually kind of sweet, but it has this amazing kind of menace.” Miles Aldridge could have been talking about his own work, but this time he is referring to Mark Gertler’s painting Merry-Go-Round that was made in the first world war. Aldridge remade this piece of art by photographing the same kind of scenery, but not without using his own style that has strong elements of both fashion and sex. The series of photographic prints was made for the launch of the new Tate Britain on November 19th. For this opening the museum has asked a number of leading creatives, like this well-know artist, to respond to an art work in Tate’s collection.

Gerler’s painting, to which Aldridge was drawn when he was only a young boy in secondary school, shows a merry-go-round that symbolizes the war and the contrast between joy and pain. For this Gerler used bright colors and geometrical shapes. The use of saturated colors is something we recognize of Aldridge’s work, who has made photography editorials for Vogue, The New York Times and The New Yorker, to name a few. But why is it that Aldridge chose this painting in particular? “The challenge would be to do anything as interesting as what Mark Gertler did to his painting, because the palette of that painting is pretty much fantastic and perfect.” You can see for yourself if Aldridge managed to do this. And for those who are interested in seeing more of Aldridge’s glamorous and edgy artwork: there will be an exposition of Aldridge’s photographs in Reflex Gallery Amsterdam in the spring of 2014. Don’t miss out!