Zambia goes outer space

After working as a successful photojournalist for several years, Cristina de Middel decided it was time to do something else. Because according to her, the truth is not shown in a lot of journalistic photographs. So why not create our own truth?

For this reason the Spanish photographer chose a small but remarkable subject in Zambian history. Some time ago, a certain space flight programme started by a Zambian teacher initially seemed so successful, that the Zambians believed that their country would be the next to send their astronauts to the moon. These plans were real, but they fell through due to of a lack of money. However, De Middel saw no reason why this story could not have a happier ending, and made it come to life in her photo project called The Afronauts. In these dreamy pieces of art we see Zambians in extravagant space suits, in the setting of the rough landscape of Cristina De Middel’s own Alicante.

Things are going well for the artist: The Afronauts was shortlisted for the Aperture First PhotoBook of the Year 2012, and De Middel herself has recently been nominated for the Deutsche Borse Photography Prize 2013. If you’re curious about The Afronauts, you can see the exposition in FOAM Amsterdam until December 11th.