Christie’s Special Post-war and Contemporary Art Evening Auction!


On February 13th 2014, Christie’s in London held a special post-war and contemporary art evening auction. Works of artists who flourished in the late 1940s, 1950s and 1960s are typically featured in Christie’s twice-yearly sales in London and New York. Christie’s is the leading auction house for Contemporary Art sales, dedicated to art created after 1970. Focusing on the various artistic movements of this time, from Minimalism and Conceptualism to Graffiti Art, Brit Pop and the cutting-edge artistic expressions of the day, these sales break records and establish collecting trends.

Works by some of the biggest names in the art world were being auctioned, and also a lot of Famous’ personal favourites, including Damien Hirst, Tracey Emin and Jeff Koons.

One of our favourite auctioned artworks is the work ‘Mickey’ by Damien Hirst. With his iconic status, universal appeal and ability to emotionally connect with generations of people all over the world, Mickey Mouse has inspired many world-renowned artists, including Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and Claes Oldenburg. British artist Damien Hirst is the latest to follow in these footsteps with his very own interpretation of Disney’s best-loved character. Damien Hirst was invited by Disney to create a unique piece of art that combines the fun and energy of Mickey Mouse with Hirst’s own unique style. Hirst took inspiration from Mickey’s round shapes, and created a Mickey Mouse consisting of solely coloured circles. Damien Hirst explains, “Mickey Mouse represents happiness and the joy of being a kid and I have reduced his shape down to the basic elements of a few simple spots. I hope people love it, because it is still instantly recognisable – Mickey Mouse is such a universal and powerful icon.”
‘Mickey’ was auctioned in aid of the charity Kids Company, a charity Hirst has long supported. It’s a charity that provides practical, emotional and educational support to vulnerable inner-city children and young people.

Another brilliant work, ‘Where Will It End?’ by Damien Hirst was sold for $1,597,750. It is a showcase with fish in a formaldehyde solution. This work belongs to one of the most iconic series of Damien Hirst.

Another auctioned work was the ‘Cracked Egg (Magenta)’ by the world-famous artist Jeff Koons, a mirror-polished stainless steel egg with transparent colour coating, for a realized price of $23,376,950.

There were several works by our personal favourite Tracey Emin on auction, including ‘Terminal One’; an appliqué blanket with the text “How Could I Ever Leave You, I Love You. I Search The World. I Kiss You. I’m Wet With Fear. I Am International Woman”.

Furthermore, works by some of the greatest artists in the world were being auctioned, like George Condo, Louise Bourgeois, Yves Klein and Jean-Michel Basquiat, The highest amount paid for an artwork that night was the $70,042,870 (!) for the ‘Portrait of George Dyer Talking’ by Francis Bacon. Oh, what a night!