A conversation between Jeff Koons and John Waters

Last Sunday, two of Famous’ favourite artists, Jeff Koons and John Waters, had a sold-out talk at the Orpheum Theater in Los Angeles. The event, the latest in the Broad’s ongoing series of high-profile pairings, is co-presented by the Library Foundation of Los Angeles’s ALOUD in association with Blouin ARTINFO. The talk was being live streamed and is still on view here.

In this talk, John Waters interviewed Jeff Koons, in a conversation about his three decades-long career. They talked about the inspiration and creative processes behind Jeff Koon’s artworks, including some of his most iconic and most controversial works, including the ‘Balloon Dog’ and the ‘Michael Jackson and Bubbles’.

John Waters, famous for his filmmaking work and classics as ‘Pink Flamingos’ and ‘Hairspray’, has been a long-time fan of Koons’ work. As he says, “As with all great contemporary art, Jeff Koon’s work at first leaves you confused and possibly angered,” says Waters. “His sculptures and paintings are deadpan, misleading, comforting, and even threatening at times in their guiltless devotion to innocence. Koons is never campy or even merely clever. Just smart.”

Joanne Heyler, the Broad’s finding director, said in an interview: “Jeff Koons is an artist who challenges our cultural assumptions, a trait he shares with John Waters. We expect this to be a provocative discussion between two brilliant artists and are pleased to be able to present it to a Los Angeles audience at the iconic Orpheum Theater.” And it was!

Check out the talk here, or check out the John Waters’ or Jeff Koons’ items at Famous Auction House!