Arnaldo Pomodoro, Gurt Swanenberg and Vanessa Prager works added to the Miniature Museum.

gurt-swanenberg-MiniatuurMuseumThe Miniature Museum continues to grow! Over the last few weeks, no less than three new artists have submitted their artworks. And they are not just any artists. In fact, we’re very proud that Arnaldo Pomodoro, Gurt Swanenberg and Vanessa Prager have decided to make their work available. In a short while, the pieces will be added to the rest of the museum that is on display at the Gemeentemuseum in The Hague. If you haven’t already, make sure to pay it a visit soon!

The three new works are a testimony to the fascinating variety of what you will see there. Dutch artist Gurt Swanenberg (1976) has, for instance, submitted a truly unique artwork. Using the skull of a newborn piglet as his canvas, he has decorated it with the logos of the world’s biggest fast food chains. The relation is obvious. Swanenberg has used a waste product of a controversial industry to make an artwork about that same industry.

However, opting for the skull of an animal does not only show his fascination with our present-day consumer society. As Swanenberg has meant it, it will also remind the viewer of the traditional cabinets of curiosity and Wunderkammers of earlier centuries. Of course, that makes it perfect for the Miniature Museum of Ria and Lex Daniels.

Arnaldo Pomodoro (1926), on the other hand, is perhaps best known as the maker of one of the world’s most famous sculptures. His Sphere Within a Sphere is on display around the globe, including in New York City and the Vatican. For those that have come across one of his spheres or other sculptures, the work that will be added to the collection is immediately recognizable. This small bronze turtle, made in 2003, undoubtedly shows the hand of the veteran Italian artist.

Vanessa Prager (1984), at last, lives and works in Los Angeles, California. Much of her recent work features thick and expressive layers of paint. The painting that will enter the Miniature Museum has almost sculptural characteristics too. As the youngest of the three new artists Vanessa Prager, sister of photographer and filmmaker Alex Prager, is certainly someone to keep an eye on. In her native America as well as in Europe, she has already participated in an impressive number of gallery shows and she will surely continue to develop her art.

We are, in short, very excited to announce these additions. Should you have missed it: The Miniature Museum is on show in the prize-winning Wonderkamers of the Gemeentemuseum in The Hague. And please don’t forget to take a look at the museum catalogue (on sale in the museum and online): all proceeds go to KiKa!