Yinka Shonibare work added to the Miniature Museum

The Miniature Museum is extremely pleased to have received an absolutely beautiful contribution from Yinka Shonibare MBE (London, 1953). As with so many pieces in the Museum, his ‘Little Wind Sculpture’ has been made with the highest degree of finesse, while it has not lost any of the vividness and power of the larger pieces it relates to.

Yinka Shonibare has exhibited at the Venice Biennial and museums worldwide. The British-Nigerian artist was part of the Young British Artists generation, he has been nominated for the Turner Prize and he received his MBE in 2004. Many of his works deal with colonialism, race or class and he has worked in a large variety of mediums. He has also made a number of site-specific commissions.

Wind Sculpture Howick Place. © 2014 Yinka Shonibare MBE

One of those is the ‘Wind Sculpture’, of which a version is permanently displayed as part of Howick Place in Victoria, London. It measures 6 by 3 meters and according to the artist, the ‘work explores the notion of harnessing movement, through the idea of capturing and freezing a volume of wind in a moment in time.’

Aptly title ‘Little Wind Sculpture’, Shonibare’s contribution offers the same stilled dynamism. The brightly painted surface, furthermore, also returns in much of Shonibare’s other work and especially in his use of ‘African’ fabrics. The artist uses these fabrics, not really African but European-made, to refer to the artificial construction of the image of Africa within Western culture.

Little Wind Sculpture. © 2016 Yinka Shonibare MBE/Miniature Museum

The piece will soon be installed in the Miniature Museum, which is on view at the Gemeentemuseum in Den Haag. A couple of weeks ago a dozen other new acquisitions were added to the installation, so it’s definitely time to pay the museum a visit again! And don’t forget to buy the Miniature Museum catalogue: all proceedings go to charity.

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