David LaChapelle’s homage to Andy Warhol

We’re delighted to announce that after David LaChapelle’s Amanda as Andy Warhol’s Marilyn (Turquoise) we now also have his Amanda as Andy Warhol’s Liz Taylor (Red) available at Famous Amsterdam. Chapelle is one of our favorite photographers and his work has had a steady presence in our shop.

It is very interesting to delve a little deeper and to take a look at the background of these images. Because these are not just any works by David LaChapelle. The renowned photographer’s playful homages to his mentor featuring transsexual model Amanda Lepore are some of his best known photographs and for good reason. Warhol’s imagery can be seen in the traces of screen-printing on the model’s face, while the edges of the image look like those of an old-fashioned film tape. Is the latter perhaps a reference to Warhol’s experiments with repeating silk-screens into seemingly successive images?

However, the photographs do not only comment on some of the most iconic works in modern art history. As Forbes writes there is also a more social message behind the photographs, and especially behind Chapelle’s choice of model: David LaChapelle is ‘braving the controversy over plastic surgery and gender roles. He views Lepore as a celebrated figure who has risen to stardom by changing genders, and acknowledges her multiple plastic surgery procedures with her overly-exaggerated features, thereby confronting the hypocrisy and double standard regarding sexuality.’

Amanda as Liz measures 50,8 x 53,3 cm and was made in an edition of 10. The photograph of Amanda Lepore as Marilyn is 78,7 x 74,6 cm and has been made in an edition of 7. Both are mounted and in absolutely perfect condition and of course come with a Certificate of Authenticity issued by David LaChapelle. Click the links to go to the product pages or contact us for more information, we’re always happy to help and advise.