Beautiful new books at Famous

Famous is not only known for its collection of art, editions and collectibles, but also for our large selection of art books. This week we received a new batch of wonderful titles, but we’re also very happy that two of our best selling books have been restocked: Takashi Murakami’s Flowers and Skulls catalogue and Lee Bul’s Monsters. All new additions have been added to our webshop too and among them there are some real gems.

One of our favorites from the new titles is Erwin Wurm’s Am I A House?. The Austrian artist uses humour to seduce his audience, disarming them, opening their eyes to underlying meanings in his work, which ranges from distorted everyday objects to the so-called ‘One Minute Sculptures’, where people are posed in unexpected relationships with things close at hand. This catalogue to the exhibition presented at CAC Málaga in autumn 2012 documents the pieces, videos and installations selected to represent his unique and sometimes irreverent artistic vision. Includes an introduction by Fernando Francés and “The Body, Skin and Words, or the Appeal of Politcally Incorrect Art” by Juan Bosco Díaz-Urmenta Muñoz.

This also the perfect opportunity to get acquainted with Mika Rottenberg’s work. Dough Cheese Squeeze And Tropical Breeze Work, is a monograph which includes extensive sections on Rottenberg’s key video installations: ‘Tropical Breeze’ (2004), ‘Mary’s Cherries’ (2004), ‘Dough’ (2008), culminating with ‘Squeeze’ (2010). Associative sequences of images and previously unpublished source material relating to the major works are interwoven with critical essays from diverse perpectives. The book contains essays by Linda Williams, Hsuan L. Hsu and Ann Demeester.Mika Rottenberg –

A more exclusive publication is Ruud van Empel’s Souvenir D’intime / Still Life, published in an edition of 500. This catalogue presents two series by visual artist Ruud van Empel: ‘Still Life’ and ‘Souvenir d’Intime’. The latter is a sequel to his earlier ‘Souvenir’ series, which is themed around his childhood and can be described as pictured collections of the everyday objects of nostalgia. ‘Still Life’, on the other hand, comprises a series of works inspired by themes of the ‘Vanitas’. Looking closely, it is clear that none of these meditations on past and present are installations photographed as such. Van Empel captures each element separately, later assembling them into a whole and creating a new reality. Ruud van Empel’s Photoworks 1995-2010 has also been added to our inventory.

We are also very happy that we now have two beautiful photo books by the legendary Ed van der Elsken for sale, Eye Love You and Amsterdam!, as well as another book by the ever prolific Nobuyoshi Araki (The Banquet). The last three additions are by the very well known Ed Templeton (Wayward Cognitions), Martin Parr (Bad Weather) and Anish Kapoor (My Red Homeland).