Triple photography book signing at Unseen: Todd Hido, Miles Aldridge and Roger Ballen

aWe are very excited about the upcoming UNSEEN Art Fair here in Amsterdam. From 22-25 September the fair will be held at the historic Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam, where galleries from all over the world will present photography by established as well as promising artists.

One of the highlights will take place on Saturday afternoon. At the Unseen book market no less than three of our favourite artists will simultaneously (!) sign their latest books at the booth of Reflex Amsterdam. It concerns three artists with very different styles, but with equally beautiful work: Todd Hido, Miles Aldridge and Roger Ballen.

Todd Hido – Intimate Distance

Todd Hido will be there to sign his new mid-career survey published by the Aperture Foundation. We still remember his exhibition ‘Khrystyna’s World’ from last year very well (it is still possible to buy the book and the exhibition poster at Famous) and are looking forward to be able to get our hands to a copy of his new book. The survey will be titled Intimate Distance – a title that grasps Hido’s style of photography perfectly.

According to Aperture: ‘Though he has published many smaller monographs of individual bodies of work, this gathers Todd Hido’s most iconic images for the first time and brings a fresh perspective to his oeuvre with the inclusion of many unpublished photographs. Well-known for his photographs of landscapes and suburban housing across the United States, and for his use of luminous color, Hido casts a distinctly cinematic eye across all that he photographs, digging deep into his memory and imaginationn for inspiration.

From exterior to interior, surface observations to subconscious investigations, landscapes to nudes, this mid-career survey reveals insight into Hido’s practice and illustrates how his unique focus has developed and shifted over time.’

khrystynas world
Photograph from Todd Hido’s ‘Khrystyna’s World’ | Image by courtesy of Reflex Amsterdam

Miles Aldridge – Please Return Polaroid

Miles Aldridge has a book full of new unique polaroids coming out at Steindl Verlag. In Please Return Polaroid Miles Aldridge, who has been crossing the lines between art and fashion photography for decades, ‘revisits his Polaroid archive of twenty very prolific years of magazine assignments. Many of these Polaroids were intentionally or accidentally damaged while working on different shoots — trimming, adjusting, marking, cutting, pasting, outlining specific details in order to enhance, modify, reassemble or discard. Liberated from their original context, the images take on a life of their own and create an almost dreamlike narrative’ according to the publisher.

‘By partly enlarging and arranging the Polaroids in unexpected ways, Aldridge treats them as singular, independent images that deserve due respect. We are granted a rare insight into a photographer’s storyboard and work process while learning to appreciate the importance of flaws and imperfections, but also of playfulness, on the journey to the finished photograph.’ In short, a whole lot to look forward to. If you take a look at Miles Aldridge‘s page at Famous, you’ll find that we also have some of his photographs and polaroids available.

Polaroid (2016) by Miles Aldridge | Image by courtesy of Reflex Amsterdam

Roger Ballen – Theatre of Apparitions

Roger Ballen, who is also featured in the latest issue of Unseen Magazine, will sign his Theatre of Apparitions published by Thames & Hudson. Ballen has been a Famous favourite for a very long time, and the announcement promises another gem: ‘Separated into seven chapters or “acts”, The Theatre of Apparitions is a treat of Ballenesque images taking readers on a deep journey into their subconscious.

Inspired by the sight of hand-drawn carvings on blacked-out windows in an abandoned women’s prison, Ballen started to experiment using different spray paints on glass and then ‘drawing on’ or removing the paint with a sharp object to let natural light through.

The results are like prehistoric cave-paintings: the black, dimensionless spaces on the glass are canvases onto which Ballen carves his thoughts and emotions. Fossil-like facial forms and dismembered body parts coexist uncomfortably with vaporous, ghost-like shadows.

Earthly and otherworldly, physical and spiritual, his work transcends all traditional concepts of photography.’

‘Muse’, 2009. Photograph by Roger Ballen | Image by courtesy of Reflex Amsterdam