Medicom Toy’s Andy Warhol collectibles!

Now available at Famous: Medicom Toy’s Andy Warhol collectibles! Starting at €80, these items combine Warhol’s iconic imagery and attributes. Oversized sunglasses, pronounced cheekbones, an unique style, silkscreen prints and the banana: they all return with these homages to the master of Pop Art. Both the Vinyl Dolls and the very collectible Andy Warhol [email protected] are in store.

The Vinyl Dolls are available in the Navy edition, the 80’s version and Silkscreen edition. All are 25 cm tall and cost €80 including VAT. The Navy edition comes with an extra head as well as a mini banana, while the 80’s version comes with a classic tv to cover the Pop Art master’s head.




The [email protected] series is available in 3 versions. First there is the 60’s 400%, which showcases Warhol’s style from the 1960s, complete with his signature shades, leather jacket, faded jeans and brown leather shoes. The Silkscreen [email protected] is silkscreened into pieces, an homage to the technique Andy Warhol has used for his most recognizable works. The Silkscreen is available in the 400% and 1000% editions, costing €120 and €460 including VAT.

All items are produced in cooperation with the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts and of course Famous is very happy to have added these items to its inventory. Order online or contact us for more information. You can of course also visit our store to see how they combine with our Andy Warhol x Flavor Paper Wallpaper!