Allan McCollum

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Allan McCollum (1944, Los Angeles) is an American contemporary artist. His first solo exhibition was in 1970 and his first New York exhibition was in an exhibition at the Sidney Janis Gallery in New York in 1972. At first, his dream was to become an actor, for which he moved to Essex, England. But in 1967, he decided to try to become an artist. He educated himself by reading the writings of Fluxus artists and the early structuralists. In the late 1960s, McCollum produced his early work, and in 1970 he established his own studio. His work was included in the Whitney Biennale in 1975, and he decided to move to New York City in the same year. He became mostly well known for his Surrogate Paintings series, in the late seventies. One of the characteristics of his work is the use of mass production, creating over thousands of objects that are each unique, despite of the fact they are mass produced.


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