• Date of birth: Lodz
  • Location: 1969
  • Medium:
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Dadara – birth name Daniel Rozenberg - (1969) is a Dutch artist, born in Lodz, Poland, he now works and lives in Amsterdam. Dadara had his breakthrough as an artist in the early ‘90’s with his designs for flyers, live-paintings and record sleeves for the international house music scene. In the last 10 years Dadara has focussed mainly on paintings and large interactive art projects. Important themes in his work are commentaries on contemporary society, governmental control, privacy issues, money, dreams and enforced regulations. One of his most recognisable works is his Greyman character, his vision of the dull and monotone office worker. Most recently he created the Exchanghibition Bank, a bank for bills that are valued by their beauty not their amount, designed by Dadara. He also had an exhibition at Famous, called Last Train To the Inevitable Beyond.