Robert Yarber

  • Date of birth: 1948
  • Location: Dallas
  • Medium:
  • Website:

Since the 1970s, Robert Yarber has produced mind-bendingly psychedelic paintings, drawings, and comics that take viewers on an exuberant, erudite visual trip into philosophy, religion, history, and contemporary culture, and the human foibles and forces that drive them. Decrying the over-interpretation of art, he prefers to present his works without accompanying explanation. “These works are not distilled in any way, either in my own mind or anyone else’s,” he says. “They’re open to interpretation. The spelunker of the future will go into these caverns of my mind and make of them what they will. I take responsibility for this. It’s dangerous.” Recognized internationally since the mid 1980s, he is best known for his paintings of people suspended above garishly glowing nighttime cityscapes. Terry Gilliam credits Yarber for influencing the palette and lighting of his 1998 film, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.