Erwin Olaf 2005
Boxing School, from Hope

Photograph from Erwin Olaf’s ‘Hope’ series.
Lambda print, mounted and behind plexiglass.
70 x 100 cm.
Edition of 12
Made in 2005
Signed, titled, dated and numbered in ink on an artist’s label affixed to the reverse.

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Contact us for more information about this beautiful photograph from Erwin Olaf’s Hope series.

Hope captures a frozen moment – one of expectation and longing – which allows the observer to wonder what the subjects are thinking about, or dreaming of.

Particularly influenced by the early 1960’s, the décor, hairstyles, clothing and lighting make reference to this era and are further underscored by the diluted colour palette of avocado greens, subtle lilacs and oranges. Olaf was inspired by this period of social change, by the rise of feminism and the middle class, the seeming globalisation of the world and the pervasive influence of television. Olaf has a strong and haunting memory of the assassination of John F Kennedy, which he refers to in this series.

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