Erwin Olaf 2009
Dawn – The Soldier

Lambda print.
230 x 121 cm.
Edition 2/10
Including certificate

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Dutch artist Erwin Olaf’s contrasting series “Dawn/Dusk,” which mixes color and black-and-white photography; and “Hotel,” a collection of seedy, melancholic images of disaffected, doll-like, and generally nude women positioned around noirish hotel rooms. Hotel is the latest series realised by Erwin Olaf. “Hotel rooms represent his memories, the past experiences lived by the photographer during his trips and his reminiscences on his favourite movies. Hotel rooms are the emblem of transition par excellence, and here are the protagonists, who are staying only for a short period of time, are surrounded by hints that suggest many possible narrative plots: bottles of champagne, clothes scattered all over the place or the light of a voicemail message flashing on the phone screen.” Olaf claims he was inspired by the work of nineteenth-century photographer Frances B. Johnson for “Dusk/Dawn.” It focuses on African-American subjects, and extended in “Dawn,” which focuses on pale-skinned subjects in stark, blindingly white spaces.

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