Erwin Olaf 2007
Grief (Portfolio)

Portfolio “Grief”
Including the same-titled book and an original colour photograph “Barbara” from the series “Grief”
Size of print: 28 x 35 cm
Signed and numbered by the artist
Edition of 50
Made in2007
And the book “Grief”, Reflex Editions Amsterdam
All housed in a luxury velvet handmade box.

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‘In “Grief”, one of Erwin Olaf’s most acclaimed photo series, solitary figures brood in tearful silence. Loosely based on the style of American aristocracy in the early 1960s, these images blend historical detail with staged emotions.

“Grief” is a series about the choreography of emotion, and what you can create in the studio,” explains Erwin Olaf. “So I wanted to ask the question: how does grief really look? What is the aesthetic of grieving?”’

– Jonathan Turner


‘The methodically detailed world created by Erwin Olaf is a muted melodrama, inhabited by mannequin-like creatures in immaculate settings. It echoes the American 1950′s and 60′s, a parallel reality where kitsch meets noir fashion aesthetic with a heavily restrained colour palette. The ultra stylized individuals convey issues of beauty, loneliness and despair through a breathless meditation of tone and shape.’

– Gordon Gee, Picture Perfect

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