Gilbert & George 1987
Death After Life

Beautiful multiple based on theĀ a brightly colored allegorical work that speaks to the human condition and the social experience of the urban man. At the top center of the work, Gilbert and George stand at the forefront, in their trademark suits.

Silkscreen on fan
ca. 23 x 42 cm.

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Gilbert Prousch (1943) is an Italian artist from Martin de Tor, George Passmore (1942) is an English artist from Plymuth, they now work and live in London. Gilbert & George started out as performance artists, as so called Living Sculptures they performed in galleries and events. The suits they wore during these performances became a very distinctive feature of their artistic persona, and still are to this day. Although they are currently best known for large scale photographs, in which they often feature themselves, along with flowers, youths, friends and Christian symbolism, they view all their work as sculptures, and themselves as living sculptures. Their work showcases their views on morality, life, death and good and evil. Gilbert & George refuse to disassociate their art from their everyday lives, insisting that everything they do is art.

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