Irina Ionesco 2016
Ma Réalité Rêvée

Limited edition book published to coincide with the exhibition Ma Réalité Rêvée at Reflex Gallery in Amsterdam. The edition consists of 450 signed and numbered copies. 150 of those come with an original print, signed by Irina Ionesco. The book is published by Reflex Amsterdam and ZOO Studio and contains a foreword by Dr. Matthias Harder of the Helmut Newton Foundation and an essay by Pierre-Paul Puljiz (France). Contact us for more information.


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Ionesco’s models often look directly into the lens defiantly. The dolls they hold and the fetishistic accessories they wear work to heighten their nudity as they stand, sit or lay down. They seem to play roles in clichéd fantasies. Some of the props and dresses hint at exotic cultures whereas backgrounds might remind one of Victorian photography settings, and hairdos of Rossetti’s paintings. Alice in Wonderland meets Richard Avedon, Orientalist painting and Symbolism. As French surrealist Andre Pieyre De Mandiargues once stated: “Irina Ionesco’s sexual world belongs to a place where there is no licence to touch. It is the world of dreams.” For the book, Matthias Harder, writer and chief curator of the Helmut Newton Foundation Berlin, and French journalist Pierre-Paul Puljiz devoted themselves to this world of dreams in a collection of exclusively penned essays.

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