Jackson Pollock 2015
Jackson Pollock Studio BE@RBRICK WATER PRINT 1000%

Jackson Pollock BE@RBRICK WATERPRINT 1000% Doll
made by Medicom Toy, Japan
No. MEDSync.036
Full Color
Size: 70 cm
(C) Pollock-Krasner House/Stony Brook Foundation

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Medicom Toy presented the Jackson Pollock BE@RBRICK WATERPRINT editions on ComplexCon 2017  in Los Angeles. This BE@RBRICK wears the pattern of a painting of Jackson Pollock’s dripping period. To produce these BE@RBRICKS Medicom Toy used the latest painting techniques to transfer a pattern through an aqueous medium.

(C) Pollock-Krasner House/Stony Brook Foundation

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