Lauren Greenfield 2004
From Fast Forward

From the Fast Forward series by Lauren Greenfield.
Edition of 25
Signed and numbered on the reverse
Image size 55 x 83 cm.
In perfect condition.

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Lauren Greenfield’s acclaimed ‘Fast Forward’ is a powerful look at Los Angeles youth culture and its influence on the rest of our society. From the affluent children of the Westside to the graffiti gangs and party crews of East LA, young Angelenos reckon with an overwhelming barrage of advertising and entertainment images emphasizing money, possessions, and eternal youth. This photographs reveal the realities of growing up fast in a culture that is at once irresistible and unforgiving. A compelling precursor to Greenfield’s widely praised ‘Girl Culture’, ‘Fast Forward’ is a telling document of the direction in which today’s ultra image-conscious culture is pointed.

Lauren Greenfield (1966) is an American artist, documentary photographer and documentary filmmaker from Boston, she now works and lives in Venice, California. Her photographic work often deals with youth culture, body image, youth culture, media, fashion, beauty, wealth, consumerism and popular culture. Her photography series, such as Girl Cultureand Fast Forward are featured in many major museum collections such as the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), the J. Paul Getty Museum, the Smithsonian and many more. Greenfield’s work is also regularly published in magazines all over the world. Her documentaries have been selected for the Competition at the Sundance Film Festival, and the London Film Festival, to name a few.

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