Mahomi Kunikata 2006
A Row of Azalea, the Road of the Whale

Silkscreen color print
Edition of 300
Created in 2006
60 x 50 cm.
All Mahomi Kunikata prints are hand signed and numbered

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Finding a balance between manga and art, Mahomi Kunikata’s work is deeply personal and psychological. Heavily influenced by the otaku culture of sexually explicit manga, Kunikata’s work adopts the genre’s conventions to explore and communicate issues of abandonment, masochism, and depression. Often filling notebook after notebook with nightmarish depictions of cruelty, Kunikata’s personal drive to produce drawings overpowers the careful, methodical approach necessary to produce a professional comic work.  The result is raw, powerful, and innovative. Mahomi Kunikate was introduced to the art world through Takashi Murakami and Kaikai Kiki, the latter has also published this print.

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