Mahomi Kunikata 2006
The Stones of UFO Shrine

Box Size (in cm): 44 x 33,5 x 3
Print Size (in cm): 40 x 31
Contains: 2 colour prints and 1 book
Editions: 50
Year of publication: 2006
Publisher: Reflex Editions Amsterdam
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Special edition containing a booklet and 2 colour prints titled
“The Stones of UFO Shrine”
“Sounds of Body and Mind Freezing: The Story of Gyui No. 5“
Each print is signed and numbered by the artist.
The booklet contains 18 removable colour postcards.
All housed in a handmade velvet box.
Edition of 50
Mahomi Kunikata’s work is deeply personal and psychological. Heavily influenced by the Otaku culture (Manga), her work adopts the genre’s conventions to explore and communicate issues of abandonment, emotions and contrast feelings. Often filling notebook after notebook with fantastic depictions, Kunikata’s personal drive to produce drawings overpowers the careful, methodical approach necessary to produce a professional comic work. the result is raw, powerful and confronting.
Introduced to the art world through Takashi Murakami’s GEISAI event and its precursor Geijutsu Dojo, Kunikata has shown her work in several group exhibitions internationally, including Little Boy at the Japan society in New York, and in J’en Reve at the Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain in Paris. This special edition has been produced in close collaboration with our gallery at the occasion of the artist’s first solo exhibition in Amsterdam. Mahomi Kunikata continued since then successfully showing her work worldwide, and had her second solo exhibition at our gallery in 2011, titled “Fancy Funeral”.

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