Martin Parr 2014
Bad Weather
Published in a landscape paperback format by A. Zwemmer Ltd in 1982, ‘Bad Weather’ was the debut monograph of one of Britain’s most world-renowned and prolific photographers. Armed with his famous wry humor and a water-proof camera, Martin Parr (born 1952) captured the social landscape and national character of the UK during downpours, drizzles, snow storms and other challenging varieties of the weather for which Britain is so famed. ‘Bad Weather’ has been out of print for 30 years and is now one of Parr’s most sought-after books. Books on Books No.17 reproduces the entire publication, and includes an essay by Thomas Weski on Britain’s obsession with its weather.

96 pages, colour & black and white illustrations, 18 x 24 cm, hardback, English

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Martin Parr (1952) is a British documentary photographer, photojournalist and photo book collector from Epsom, Surrey. His work characterizes itself by the raw manner in which he depicts mundane every day life. His work is critical, intimate, anthropological, satirical and somewhat voyeuristic. Parr uses Macro lenses, a ring flash and high-saturation colour film, which allow him to put his subjects “under the microscope”, in their own environment. Exposing people’s life’s and values, while maintaining a certain amount of humour. The result is a collection of images that make the viewer unsure whether to laugh or cry.

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