Jenny Holzer Set of 17 Wooden Postcards from the Truisms and Survival Series, 1996

Set of 17 wooden postcards with ‘Truisms’ from Jenny Holzer’s Truisms series (1977-1979) and Survival Series (1983-1985). Text is screenprinted in red onto the wood. The reverse is standard post card text also screenprinted in red, with space for stamp. Size: 9.0 x 14.0 cm.

This set includes the following postcards:

  • Abuse Of Power Comes At No Surprise
  • Expiring For Love Is Beautiful But Stupid
  • Fathers Often Use Too Much Force
  • In A Dream You Saw A Way To Survive And You Were Full Of Joy
  • Lack Of Charisma Can Be Fatal
  • Men Don’t Protect You Anymore
  • Money Creates Taste
  • Murder Has Its Sexual Side
  • Private Property Created Crime
  • Protect Me From What I Want
  • Raise Boys And Girls The Same Way
  • The Beginning Of The War Will Be Secret
  • The Breakdown Comes When You Stop Controlling Yourself And Want The Release Of A Bloodbad
  • Torture Is Barbaric
  • Turn Soft And Lovely Any Time You Have A Chance
  • You Are Caught Thinking About Anyone You Want
  • You Are Guileless In Your Dreams