Miles Aldridge 2006
The Cabinet (Book)

The Cabinet by Miles Aldridge
68 pages

Reflex Editions Amsterdam


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Published to coincide with The Cabinet exhibition at the Reflex New Art Gallery in Amsterdam. The catalogue includes 50 images by the British photographer, Miles Aldridge selected from his fashion magazine work between 2001 and 2006. Acid-bright images and cinematic poses are hallmarks of Aldridge’s work and the photographs illustrated here have been featured in Vogue, V, Numero, The Faceand The New York Times Magazine.

‘…. Miles Aldridge is a director at heart. His images are anything but ‘portraits’ of a subject. They are his actors, his actresses. There is a certainty in his mise-en-scenes, that has drama, tension, panic and tragic desire. Each photograph has a very sacred pathology to every angle and obsession to detail. There is a genius in the very deliberate blankness on the face of his models that enables a transference of identity.’ (Marilyn Manson in his Introduction).

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