Harland Miller deckchairs at Famous Amsterdam

30 June 2016

Within a week, Great Britain left the European Union as well as the European Football Championships in France. Although the former was more voluntarly than the latter, what better way is there to reflect upon these events than with Harland Miller’s satirical commentaries on life and literature?

Whether ironic, sarcastic or downright cheeky, the British artist’s adaptations of the much-loved Penguin book jackets demythologise and amuse in equal measure. And now, you can do so while relaxing at the beach, pool or in your living room.

Limited edition deckchairs

The chairs are made in a limited edition of 500 for each title and many of Miller’s best known works are among those titles. Examples are “If The Phone Don’t Ring, It’s Me”, “Love And Other Crimes”, “What’s All The Hubbub Bub?” or “The Me I Never Knew”. And what about “International Lonely Guy, My Story”, which seems rather apt in relation to the events of the past week, or the slightly more morbid “Death, What’s In It For Me?”

Send a message to info@famous.nl if you’re interested and we’ll get back to you with all possibilities. And keep an eye on our website and newsletter to find out when you can buy them in the webshop!

The frames are made with sustainable merpauh wood treated with teak oil which provides excellent protection against the elements and wear, extends the working life, and the fine finish enhances the natural appearance. The canvas is a very hard wearing polyester and cotton mixture and printed using state-of-the-art technology.

Harland Miller, artist and writer

Harland Miller (1964) is a British artist and writer from Yorkshire, he now works and lives in London. For a while he worked and lived in New York, Berlin and New Orleans in the early ‘90’s before moving to London. He achieved critical acclaim as a writer with his debut novel Slow down Arthur, Stick to Thirty. In 2001 he started working on a series of paintings based on the dust jackets of Penguin books. The paintings hint at the nostalgic dog-eared covers of Penguin books, with as titles phrases written by Miller. The book titles are hilarious, absurd and often melancholy and nostalgic.


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