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Make Love Not Walls – David LaChapelle for Diesel

David LaChapelle has directed and photographed a new ad campaign for Diesel, including a clip featuring world-famous dancer Sergei Polunin, after already helping the brand for their ‘Kissing Sailors’ campaign in the 1995. One of the first ads to feature a kiss between a same-sex couple. The new one is just as stylish. It features dancers separated by a big concrete divider topped with barb wire. But as the wall comes tumbling down revealing a heart shaped hole in it, the concrete and loneliness makes way for kisses and embraces between same sex couples of different races and religions.

As Diesel writes: “Make Love Not Walls”: is about tearing down the mental and physical walls that separate us, and let all sides come together in the name of unity and love. Diesel takes on the Wall, a symbol of separation by definition, breaking it down to create strong storytelling throughout the imagery developed around it: walls are built and the Diesel love tank breaks it with a heart shape turning a symbol of separation into a happy place full of flowers of celebration of freedom and love.

“At Diesel, we have a strong position against hate and more than ever we want the world to know that,” explains Artistic Director Nicola Formichetti. “Love and togetherness is cru-cial in creating a society we all want to live in, and the future we all deserve.” Committed to diversity and the rights of individuals around the world, the iconic American artist and photographer David LaChapelle collaborates with Formichetti to break down barriers.

Watch the clip below.

David LaChapelle at Famous Amsterdam.

David LaChapelle (1963) is an American photographer/director from Fairfield Connecticut, he works and lives in Los Angeles and New York. He got his first professional photography job from Andy Warhol, after they met at Studio 54. LaChapelle is famous for his photographs of celebrities in which he likes to exaggerate aspects of their personalities and personal lives. He also photographs and directs advertising campaigns, and music videos. At Famous we have several of his photographs and books available. You can find them here.




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