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Marcus Harvey’s new show ‘Shipbuilding’ at Reflex Amsterdam

We’re very excited about the opening of Marcus Harvey’s new show this weekend at our friends of Reflex Amsterdam, which coincides with this year’s Amsterdam Art Weekend. There will be beautiful new works on display and the artist will be present too. In fact, there will be two opportunities to meet him. First at Friday, November 25, for an artist talk at the gallery from 4.30 until 5 pm. And then of course at the official opening of the exhibition, Saturday November 26 from 5 until 7 pm.

Amsterdam Art Weekend

Amsterdam Art Weekend is an annual four day event that shines a spotlight on contemporary art in the Dutch capital. With over 100 events taking place at more than 50 internationally renowned art and cultural institutes, it offers a comprehensive experience of the Amsterdam art scene.

The program, consisting of an eclectic mix of exhibitions, performances, film screenings, lectures and tours, features young talents as well as established artists. It is designed to give an audience of art enthusiasts and professionals an opportunity to discover the latest developments in contemporary art.

Young British Artist

Associated with the Young British Artists, Marcus Harvey shot to fame with his controversial work, “Myra”, an image of the child-murderer Myra Hindley exhibited at the infamous 1997 Sensation exhibition in London’s Royal Academy of Arts. A giant grainy monochrome portrait, from afar it looked like a painted reproduction of the well-known media image of the criminal, but up close it was revealed to be composed of children’s handprints.

In his solo exhibition, Marcus Harvey will exhibit a selection of recent, uncompromising work in a variety of media that continues his investigation into ideas of Britishness – which now, more than ever, has come up against an identity crisis.