Miniature Museum

What do you do when you find a moving box filled with 85 miniature artworks, after a renovation of your home? The answer was: either hang them on the freshly plastered wall, or, as Ria suggested: start a Miniature Museum. That we chose the latter hasn’t escaped most people’s attention by now.

Through two French designers and the Buseck Firm, a museum was designed that would house a large part of our miniature collection for years. Via friendly galleries and artists we then vigorously sought to expand our collection of 100 pieces. Which resulted in our current collection of almost 2000 artworks by approximately 750 artists from more than 80 countries.

The opening of the Miniature Museum took place in 1991 in our gallery, and was relocated a few months later to the AMC. The move of the Miniature Museum to the AMC occurred after our dear friend Prof. Tom Voute proposed to us to place the museum on his department of children’s-oncology, of which he was head. To return the favour we asked several galleries to sponsor a miniature catalogue, of which all the proceeds would go to the SKK foundation (Stichting Kinderkanker Onderzoek – Children’s Cancer Research Foundation). We were able to donate an amount of over a hundred thousand guilders to the foundation.

After the AMC, the museum was temporarily exhibited at the Fortisbank in Amsterdam, only to be relocated after a short break to the Haags Gemeentemuseum (November 12th 2011 – March 25th 2012). Upon request of curator Jet Pijzel, a selection of the miniature collection was included in the XXSMALL exhibition. This exhibition has been a great success, artistically as well as in the media and in regards to the amount of visitors that visited the exhibition.

Jet van Overeem, curator of the Wonderkamers, has since ensured that a completely new building was designed, which was opened in March 2013.

We are very happy of the fact that our collection will be exhibited for at least five years at the Haags Gemeente Museum in The Hague, and hope that many other important museums/institutions will follow suit and exhibit our miniature collection.

logo_kika1 The new miniature catalogue contains a selection of our collection. The total proceeds of the sale of the miniature catalogue will be donated 100% to Stichting Kinder Kankervrij (KIKA – Children’s Cancer Research Foundation). We are very proud of the outcome of our miniature collection and of the new catalogue, we hope you will enjoy it, and wish you a lot of viewing pleasure.


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