Barry Reigate

Barry Reigate – skateboard

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London-born artist Barry Reigate’s (1971) cartoon style and controversial themes are reminiscent of contemporaries such as Jeff Koons, and commentaries on the cultural zeitgeist. Reigate frequently highlights hypocrisy that surrounds issues such as sexuality, art, race and class. His darkly humorous cartoon parodies of today’s attitudes arrest the viewer and subvert all expectations for a medium that carries implicit ideas of innocence. Reigate has had solo shows in London and group exhibitions, including Tate Gallery and Saatchi Gallery.

Reigate’s work is a powerful, eclectic and visually mind-blowing mix of symbolic pop imagery, geometrical design and multi-dimensional painterliness.

Barry Reigate single skateboard
Hand signed by the artist
78.75 x 20.3 cm
Limited edition

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